Trinity Consultants

Trinity's BREEZE modeling software - Assess the impacts of air emissions, fires, and explosions.


BREEZE AERMOD is the state-of-the-science, steady-state Gaussian air dispersion model that is EPA-approved for most refined modeling scenarios. 

BREEZE AERMOD is an enhanced version of the EPA-approved AERMOD that provides modelers with the tools and functionality required to perform air quality analyses that help to address permitting, regulatory, and nuisance issues, perform academic research, and assist companies worldwide with capital planning.

BREEZE AERMOD offers the most complete air quality modeling system available on the market today. No other application is used by more air quality professionals around the world.

BREEZE Incident Analyst

BREEZE Incident Analyst is a comprehensive tool for accidental chemical release hazard and consequence modeling. Featuring industry-standard toxic dispersion, fire, and explosion models that have been developed by U.S. government, military, and industry groups, Incident Analyst provides a robust capability to evaluate the threats posed by accidental hazardous chemical releases.

Whether modeling for facility design/safety improvement purposes, a U.S. EPA Risk Management Program Offsite Consequence Analysis, real-time assessment of hazards in emergency situations, or reconstruction of a past incident, BREEZE Incident Analyst puts a suite of ten powerful models at your disposal, all wrapped in a user-friendly interface.

BREEZE Risk Analyst

BREEZE Risk Analyst is an add-in for Esri ArcGIS (either the Esri ArcGIS Pro version sold separately, or the free retired ArcGIS Explorer Desktop version) designed to perform human health risk assessment modeling.

It is a highly flexible and expandable GIS-based analysis platform for conducting multi-pathway human health risk assessments. Risk Analyst seamlessly combines all the necessary tools, databases, GIS functionality, and fate and transport and exposure modeling equations into an affordable and easy to use software application.